XXI Business Collaboration Award Ceremony

30 November 2023

Last Monday we had the honor of being awarded the XXI Business Collaboration Award, a prestigious recognition that was delivered by the Leonardo Torres Quevedo Foundation of the University of Cantabria by the hand of its Rector, as a result of the magnificent collaboration between Ingecid and the University, materialized in almost thirty R+D+i projects.

Our CEO, Jokin Rico, was in charge of collecting this award, on behalf of Ingecid, in an event that highlighted the strong innovative vocation of the company and its strong collaboration with public bodies, in particular with more than 10 research groups from the university and institutes, such as IHCantabria, IFCA or IBBTEC, which continues to grow and expand to new research groups.

The event also highlighted the high percentage of UC graduates and doctors who are part of the great professionals who are part of the INGECID staff, who develop high added value projects linked to the nuclear sector, renewable energy, defense and civil with a technological and innovative perspective.

Proud of our team, which has made this recognition possible, congratulations to all!

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