Wind Tower 2.5 MW

Development of a new 165 m hybrid tower concept for 2.5 MW onshore wind turbines

Design and generation of documentation for a hybrid tower

In this project, financed by SODERCAN through the I+C=+C 2016 call for proposals, the design of a hybrid tower with a total hub height of 165 m for 2.5 MW wind turbines has been developed up to the generation of the documentation for certification, improving existing solutions. The design of the construction and assembly process has also been carried out.

The proposed geometry allows the use of a single climbing formwork for the concrete part, which, through adjustments to the formwork, simplifies the construction process and reduces construction times considerably.

The design has the following advantages:

  • Better behaviour and structural capacity, being less sensitive to the phenomenon of fatigue than metal towers, as this is one of the most important structural deterioration processes in existing towers.
  • System with greater durability and less maintenance, easily repairable.
  • Greater resistance to fire and impacts.
  • Economy, simplicity and reliability in the foundations. Being heavier than metallic solutions, less concrete is needed in the foundations, while having a larger diameter at the base means less overhang in the footing and, therefore, less reinforcement is required.
  • Reduced logistical costs, as this is a process in which there are no transport limitations.

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