Simple management of complex projects

It is a solution that comprehensively covers the management of a digital project developed under different methodologies, allowing the synchronisation in real time of the evolution of the work.

INGECID has developed and continues to improve the VIRCORE software, a collaborative platform whose main objective is to facilitate collaboration between all those involved in a project, regardless of their role and within a single interface.

VIRCORE® is a comprehensive project management platform that provides an accessible and secure Common Data Environment (CDE) for all project team members. The assignment of work roles allows team members to access and manage the most up-to-date information from anywhere.

The centralisation of the information in a common data source allows the challenges set by the BIM methodology to be met, facilitating the collaboration of a large number of agents that coexist in the development of one or more projects. Furthermore, the assignment of certain accesses and permissions according to the role played by each agent makes it possible to guarantee the security of the information, given that each individual will only be able to view or edit the information to which they have been granted permission.

However, VIRCORE® is not limited to being just a document manager, but extends its capabilities to different work disciplines such as the management of three-dimensional models (3D), the management of information connected to the models in a bidirectional way (3D+), the temporary planning of projects (4D), the control of the budget and associated costs (5D), specific calculations for the management of waste, health and safety, etc. (XD) or connection with other information systems to incorporate instrumentation data, sensors, inventories, etc. (7D). All this from a single interface.



Ability to scale users and data storage according to customer needs.

Central Data Core

Centralisation and traceability of project information, with real-time synchronisation and quick access for all the agents involved.

Unlimited Connectivity

Ability to communicate with other information systems to provide or receive and store information allowing it to be linked to BIM models or different entities in the system.

Collaboration from Anywhere

Ability to collaborate from any location and from any device.


User and security management

  • Management and traceability of the agents involved in the development of the project.
  • Assignment of permissions according to the role developed within each project, guaranteeing the security of the information and absorbing certain capacities and functionalities of the platform for the correct management of the projec.

Document Management (2D)

  • Access to multiple projects and all the information associated with each of them.
  • Easy management of the documentation of an entire project, regardless of its size or format.
  • Quality control of the documentation thanks to the linking of metadata that assists in the coding of the files, which can be configured according to the recommendations of the different annexes of ISO 19650.
  • Quick and easy to find thanks to advanced and customisable search based on the metadata or properties of each document.
  • Implementation of workflows thanks to the integrated e-mail notification system, providing a correct traceability and control of the status of the documentation in real time according to ISO 19650.

Integrating Model Management (3D+)

  • Bidirectional and synchronised connection between all documentary information and the 3D elements of the BIM models.
  • Bidirectional and synchronised connection between activities and 3D elements of BIM models.
  • Bidirectional and synchronised connection between documents.
  • Bidirectional and synchronised connection between all budgets, measurement lines and 3D elements of BIM models.
  • Bidirectional and synchronised connection between all structured information (data) and 3D elements of BIM models.

Unlimited Three Dimensional Management (3D)

  • Manage three-dimensional models from a collaborative environment and in a fluid way without the need for additional licences.
  • View and federate 3D models in various native formats and also in OpenBIM format thanks to the integrated IFC viewer or coordinate models in native formats.
  • Control and narrow down the information associated with the 3D elements of the models, thanks to the definition of BIM properties that allow efficient selection of the necessary data.
  • Access to 3D models from mobile devices, improving the efficiency of project monitoring at the execution site, improving information flows and helping to reduce risks during execution.

Time Optimisation (4D)

  • Creation of planning without the need for additional licences, participating in real time with other agents in the project.
  • Ability to import schedules from other tools and track them collaboratively.
  • Creation of 4D simulations thanks to bidirectional linking between tasks and three-dimensional elements.

Cost Optimisation (5D)

  • Collaborative management of budgets and work breakdown structures (WBS) without the need for additional licences and compatible with BC3.
  • Generation of certifications based on real or virtual measurements obtained through the use of three-dimensional models.
  • Extraction of itemised reports with the total or partial budget, using customisable templates.

Connection with maintenance (7D)

  • Management of data from other information systems.
  • Adaptability and possibility of designing new modules.
  • Connection of information with BIM models.

If you want to know more about VIRCORE, you can access its website by clicking here.

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