Track renewal on FGV’s L9 between Gata de Gorgos and Denia

INGECID has been in charge of BIM technical assistance

The OpenBIM strategy has been followed for the track renewal

With an approximate length of 10 km and an EMP of 13 M€, the refurbishment and renovation works between the stations of Gata de Gorgos and Denia have managed to improve the single track and metric gauge layout in plan and elevation, replacing the old track.

In addition to the dismantling and renovation of the existing track, drainage works have also been renewed, structural repairs have been carried out, slopes have been upgraded, masonry works and enclosures along the entire route, as well as the renovation of electrification and other installations.

Based on the tachymetric survey and the point clouds, the old structure was modelled and, at the same time, the initial project was modelled based on the traditional project data. Coordinatable IFC models were obtained whose parameters complied with all the standards established in the FGV BIM manual and, from these BIM models, 2D documentation was obtained, such as execution plans, as-built plans and digital certifications.

The BIM model of general coordination or integrating model of the work is one of the factors that have helped the success of the work. This model is characterised by including the temporal evolution of all the disciplines, perfectly coordinated in the same model, which reflects the changes in the project and in the work until the As-built model is finally created. With this, optimal coordination between all disciplines has been achieved, with IFC files continuously updated and reviewed monthly by the site management.

The choice of the VIRCORE CDE has been another key factor in the successful implementation of the BIM methodology in the project, as well as in the visualisation and storage of files by all the participating entities. VIRCORE, in addition to storing all the documentation of the work with an integrated versioning system, has enabled the coordination and visualisation of BIM models, both in native and IFC format. VIRCORE allows each element of the BIM model to be associated with its documentation, making it possible to link tests, PPIs, photographs and even site plans to the different elements.

In addition to using the models to obtain the measurements of the elements and to have the certifications linked in the CDE, a methodology has been used to guarantee the follow-up and traceability of each of the measurement lines.

Project images