The Council of Ministers authorises the manufacture of 44 new spent fuel casks including our patented MAB (Auxiliary Shielding Module).

5 October 2021

The Auxiliary Shielding Module (MAB), an INGECID patent assigned to Ensa that makes it possible to reduce nuclear radiation in spent fuel containers, is part of one of the two new contracts that the Council of Ministers has authorised for the manufacture and supply of spent fuel containers for the nuclear power plants of Almaraz (Cáceres), Trillo (Guadalajara) and Santa María de Garoña (Burgos).

The patent, which makes the storage of the entire fuel inventory at the ISFSI (Individualised Temporary Storage Facility) of the Santa María de Garoña Nuclear Power Plant viable, is key to carrying out the project, which has an execution period of 5 years.

ENRESA has awarded Ensa (Equipos Nucleares, S.A., S.M.E.) the contract for the manufacture and supply of the casks for the Garoña plant, which is currently not operational. The contract, with an estimated value of 127,600,000 €, will consist specifically of the supply of 44 casks with their corresponding MABs, with the aim of having the first units ready in 2023.

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