Scour protection jacket SPJ

Study of the effects of scour on jacket structures and optimisation of anti-scour systems

Study of the scour process in jacket foundations of offshore wind turbine generators

This project, funded by SODERCAN through the I+C=+C 2016 call for proposals, is being developed by the consortium formed by INGECID, Iberdrola Renovables and IHCantabria . It aims to study the process of scour in jacket foundations of offshore wind turbines in order to identify the most efficient measures to control it and to be able to apply this specific knowledge in the design of future wind farms.

This project provides different results with a significant impact on the cost reduction of offshore wind energy:

  • Understanding the effect of scour and sand waves on jacket structures with more than one pile as supporting structure.
  • Optimised design in future wind farms would lead to a reduction in the number of inspections required, resulting in reduced costs.
  • Understanding the behaviour of traditional anti-scour systems will help to optimise the design and O&M of such structures and their protections.
  • The analysis of the behaviour of novel anti-cavitation systems could provide a different and optimised solution compared to conventional systems, seeking a balance between construction and maintenance costs.

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