Advanced and high performance process for the prevention of occupational risks in construction, with implementation of BIM methodology.

The project has been developed jointly by the companies INGECID and FCC Construcción, in collaboration with the UC.

The aim of the SAFETY4D Module has been to develop an advanced high-performance process for the prevention of occupational risks in construction and its implementation within the framework of management using the BIM methodology.  The generation and development of the tool allows the improvement of risk prevention and thus the reduction of the number of accidents in the field of construction, without involving a greater investment of resources on the part of the companies.

All this has been developed for implementation within the framework of management using the BIM methodology. The SAFETY4D Module is integrated in the VIRCORE Software. Therefore, it is interconnected with other VIRCORE modules, such as the Document Management Module, the 3D Visualisation Module, and the 4D Planning Module.

This powerful tool provides greater agility when establishing the risks and preventive measures for each work unit thanks to the fact that it has a database (Master Data) of activities, machinery, risks and prevention and protection measures, common to all projects and editable. Thanks to the automatic identification of risks, measures and machinery, errors in the results are minimised. It is also possible to link documents, tasks and 3D elements with each other, carry out 3D simulations and 4D planning, as well as organise spaces on site from the point of view of prevention. Another advantage is that it improves communication, thanks to functionalities such as immediate notifications of actions or changes

Finally, it allows the automatic creation of specific reports, such as the Health and Safety report, in PDF format for one or more planning activities, including a compilation of the machinery, risks and protections selected for one or more tasks.

This project has been developed with funds from the call for Innovation Projects CDTI 2018, together with FCC Construcción and with the collaboration of the University of Cantabria, through the GITECO group.

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