Preliminary analysis to define the approach to a road classification system for MITMA

The proposed approach for the definition of a classification system aims at centralisation and homogenisation in the management of information in the road sector

The proposal details in a generic way a possible line of classification of the digital objects managed by the General Direction of Roads

INGECID was awarded a minor contract with the General Direction of Roads, within the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (MITMA). The purpose of this contract was to carry out a preliminary analysis consultancy to define the approach of a Classification System for elements of the State Roads network.

As a result, an open proposal was drawn up that focuses on the line of progress for the development of the key concepts of the new Road Classification System, covering the entire life cycle of the sector (Design, Construction, Maintenance and Operation).

The work carried out by INGECID responds to the need to define a classification system that unifies and homogenises the information necessary for the correct management of the State Road network. It has been developed on the basis of the analysis of regulations, documents and data classification systems, and the analysis of the classification systems of the most relevant existing applications of the General Direction of Roads for the management of the objects of the State Road Network.

This first approach to the classification system constitutes the starting point for the search for centralisation and homogenisation when managing information in the road sector, with the aim of reducing asset management times and guaranteeing the traceability of all information throughout the life cycle of the project.

Finally, the consultancy defined the possible future lines of action with the aim of continuing the first iteration of the analysis and identification of the focus of a line of future development for the Road Classification System.

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