and flexibility

The nuclear sector is one of the most demanding due to its complexity and the high technical level it requires.

It presents innumerable challenges that encompass every aspect of engineering.

“Flexibility when it comes to analysing the different approaches, discovering opportunities and proposing unique solutions is an important part of our working method”


The nuclear environment often requires an interplay between radiological, structural and thermal engineering in order to able to move forward. Not only do we have the necessary experience in all three of these fields, but we are also able to approach the design of systems, components and structures bearing in mind all the disciplines involved.


We participate in a wide range of projects:

Our technicians are highly skilled in the handling specialised software that can be applied to all the areas of radiological engineering:

using detailed models (MCNP, MAVRIC)

(gamma and neutron) of all manner of elements, as well as of their residual heat and criticality (ORIGEN, TRITON, KENOVI)


On the environment in normal (GASPAR, LADTAP) or accident (RADTRAD, RASCAL) situations

 (XOQDOQ, PAVAN, Arcon96)

for site release (RESRAD)

Structural and thermal engineering

We design and analyse structures, components, equipment and systems by making advanced calculations using specialised software.

We make advanced thermal and structural calculations and carry out all manner of simulations

We use ANSYS Fluent and Mechanical for the carrying out of heat transfer, ventilation and convection and pressure drop simulations by way of CFD and FEM models.


In the case of structural calculations, we carry out simulations using ANSYS Autodyn, LS-DYNA, Mechanical or Midas Civil, which assist us in the making of static o dynamic calculations of any type.


We provide our clients with assistance and support with respect to meeting any need they might have quickly and effectively, including technical support in their dealings with the regulatory body or carrying out specific analyses on a by power plant basis.

Standards and regulations


We always analyse the problem in accordance with the pertinent standard or regulation, including the principal US regulations applicable within the nuclear sector.

We compile the required technical reports, carry out safety studies and prepare the plans and documentation for licencing.

Overseeing on-site works projects at nuclear facilities

We offer technical guidance throughout the execution of the works, technical assistance services for the conducting of inspections or in the preparation of the activities involved in the operation or decommissioning of nuclear power plants.


The complexity of the nuclear field and radiological calculation can represent a significant barrier to entry for any worker or student who requires training in this particular area.

Our experience, not only gained in the practical application of our know-how, but also in the years of managing teaching teams both within and outside the university setting, has enabled us to develop and implement learning methods that facilitate the teaching and understanding of this knowledge in the different areas within the nuclear sector:


These are just some of the projects that we’ve participated in within the nuclear field:

Concrete for the nuclear world

IINGECID has developed and continues to develop different concretes that improve radiological properties, mainly for use in the nuclear world....
Concrete for the nuclear world

Horizontal storage system for spent nuclear fuel

The objective of the project is the development of a spent nuclear fuel storage system using horizontal storage modules. The...
Horizontal storage system for spent nuclear fuel

Licensing of the Individualized Temporary Storage Facility at Santa María de Garoña NPP

INGECID, in joint venture with Westinghouse, is carrying out the design modification of the Individualized Temporary Storage (ITS) of the...
Licensing of the Individualized Temporary Storage Facility at Santa María de Garoña NPP

Design of Individualized Temporary Storage slabs of Cofrentes NPP

INGECID has carried out the design of the slabs of the ATI of the Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant. These are...
Design of Individualized Temporary Storage slabs of Cofrentes NPP

NPPIM Santa Maria de Garoña

The objective of the project has been to develop a complete NPPIM (Nuclear Power Plant Information Modelling, i.e. BIM applied...
NPPIM Santa Maria de Garoña

SMG characterisation

Development of the Measurement and Sampling Plan for the Turbine Building of the Santa María de Garoña nuclear power plant,...
SMG characterisation