LIFE COSTAdapta: innovation to address climate change

18 December 2023

Ingecid is one of the seven partners of the LIFE COSTAdapta project, whose main objective is to address the adaptation of the coast of Gran Canaria to sea level rise, through an innovative methodology.

To achieve the objective, a progressive tidal pool-reef system will be designed and tested, combining traditional tidal pool construction techniques with advanced solutions.

The expected result is to contribute to the progressive adaptation of the coast of Gran Canaria to climate change, which is crucial given the high vulnerability of the Canary Islands to climate impacts, including sea level rise. At the same time, the project contributes to the preservation of the tourist economy in the region, through social use, and favors the stability of the coast.

Coordinated by the Consejo Insular de la Energía de Gran Canaria (CIEGC) of the CABILDO DE GRAN CANARIA, it has a duration of 7 years and a total budget of 3,409,864 EUR (2,045,818 EUR subsidized by the European Union through the LIFE Program).

With this project, we continue to maintain our commitment to the environment, developing sustainable solutions.