INGECID supervises the assessment of the structures and exterior spaces at the Santa María de Garoña nuclear power plant

30 May 2022

INGECID is carrying out the supervision of work being done during the assessment of structures and exterior spaces at the Santa María de Garoña nuclear power plant.

The activities that INGECID is supervising include:

  • Taking samples of different surfaces and sites: soil samples, swabs, water, scarification, etc. to be tested later in the laboratory.
  • Carrying out in situ measurements: surface contamination, gamma-ray spectroscopy, sweeping, etc.

All the results are stored in the VIRCORE database, which is linked to the NPPIM (Nuclear Power Plant Information Modelling). This way, the state of the exterior areas under study can be analysed and the plant’s background radiation can be established.


The VIRCORE collaborative platform developed by INGECID once again becomes central to this type of work, as it allows for the intervening parties to interact with one another in real time on a project using one single, easy-to-use interface.

Thanks to VIRCORE, projects can be integrally managed in a collaborative work environment (CDE) All the information is centralised and highly secured, as it allows for selecting roles with certain permissions. This way, there is a control over who can see and/or edit certain information.

VIRCORE allows for bi-directional, synchronised connections under the specific plant’s NPPIM, thereby amplifying the potential benefits to using this platform. This NPPIM allows volumes and characteristics of each material to be identified. It also defines access routes and possible interference among elements, and storage spaces and lists their availability.

By using NPPIMs within the VIRCORE environment, greater efficiency can be achieved in the realm of assessment work on the structures and exterior spaces.

Experience in assessment in this plant

INGECID is broadening its experience in this field, as in 2019 it participated in the assessment of the Turbine Building at the Santa María de Garoña nuclear power plant. This measuring and sampling plan carried out in the building was also supported using the plant’s 3D NPPIM, as well as our own VIRCORE software.