INGECID stands out at the Real Racing Club Shareholders’ Meeting with its “interactive virtual stadium”

17 December 2018

On Saturday 15 December 2018, REAL RACING CLUB S.A.D. held its annual shareholders’ meeting, where a “beta” version of a pioneering development that INGECID is carrying out in collaboration with the club was presented for the first time. This is the transversal application of technologies and capabilities from the field of civil and nuclear engineering, for the creation of a virtual and interactive simulation of the Sport Fields of El Sardinero.

The end result will be an application in which the user, in the form of a video game, will be able to move freely around each and every corner of the sports stadium, even visiting the noble areas, unknown to the general public. They will also be able to interact with various objects and information points created specifically for the fan to learn more about the history of the club, while having fun playing from any device.

The virtual platform also opens up a new marketing concept within the sports field, as it constitutes a new channel of potential mass use and high return on investment, which will undoubtedly be one of the new star supports for selling the advertising image of the brands associated with the club, and even its products/services.

Rubén Diego Carrera, corporate director of INGECID and board member of Real Racing Club, explains:

“We have been working for years in the field of civil and nuclear engineering, applying virtual representation techniques associated with databases that allow us to plan works, manage resources, maintenance, etc. Our vision as a company is to exploit our capabilities in other, hitherto unknown, fields of application”.

“As a director of Racing Santander, my motivation is to contribute to the digital and technological transformation of the club, as I understand that it is a strategic path parallel to the strictly sporting one, in order to return to the top of professional football with guarantees of permanence”.

“In this line, we thought of the formula to be able to apply the potential of INGECID to generate a pioneering platform that allows Racing to create experiences available to any fan, while providing the club with an innovative and attractive support to generate a new line of income associated with advertising sponsorship. In a few months it will be a reality”.


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