INGECID participates in Decommissioning conference 2024

2 February 2024

The Decommissioning 2024 conference, organized by the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), in collaboration with EPRI, was held in Oceanside, California, from January 30 to February 1, where the most important agents of the sector meet.

The event was attended by Jokin Rico Arenal and Javier Alonso Sanz, representing INGECID, where the success stories in which INGECID participates with Enresa in Spain and Norsk nukleær dekommisjonering (NND) in Norway were explained. In addition, a visit was made to the San Onofre NPP facilities in the process of decommissioning.

The company’s participation in this conference is part of the company’s internationalization strategy and penetration in the U.S. market through INGECID-America, to serve our customers in this continent, both in the nuclear sector and in the other sectors in which we participate.