INGECID launches new corporate image and website

22 September 2021

After more than 12 years taking on new challenges and growing every day to become what INGECID is today, we have decided to take a step forward and redesign our corporate image to make it more in line with the company we are today.

A step forward with which we renew our commitment to our customers, and with the constant innovation of the sectors in which we have consolidated in recent years.

A logo that aims high

Our new logo and graphic image push us upwards, in the same way that our services aim to help our clients continue to grow and solve all the challenges they face in the most efficient way.

It is to them that we owe our most sincere thanks for having counted on us to solve engineering problems of such a diverse nature.

A web where the most complex thing is to be simple

In a sector where innovation is so present, it is obvious that much has changed in the last 12 years. That is why our new website aims to give a clearer picture of our main areas of expertise today, with a discourse that conveys only the essential within the enormous complexity and attention to detail that hides each of our work.

It is a license with which we intend to be more accessible and establish a starting point with which to delve into some of the energy challenges that we know for certain will be crucial in the future.

We begin this new stage with the illusion of continuing to dedicate ourselves to what we like the most and with the expectation of taking on new challenges every day and continue growing with our current and future clients.