INGECID designs the piloted foundations for NABRAWIND’s new wind towers in Morocco

26 March 2020

The deep foundation design by INGECID for the NABRALIFT tower of NABRAWIND TECHNOLOGIES has been built in Morocco. This tower will become the tallest on the continent, with a hub height of 144 m, for a 3.6 MW wind turbine.

The tower, which has a self-lifting system, is supported on three legs, on each of which a deep foundation has been installed, a patented solution that saves 80% of the concrete compared to a standard solution.

This is a piled foundation design of high technical complexity due to the fact that the piles have to withstand loads of hundreds of tonnes in both compression and tension and have bolt cages inserted for the connection of the towers which require very advanced calculation methodologies.

The scope of the project included, in addition to the structural calculation of the foundation, the definition of the construction process and quality control, so that the required tolerances were ensured throughout the entire installation process. In addition, a 3D model of the reinforcement was developed, which made it possible to minimise interference and ensure that the installation was carried out as efficiently as possible.