INGECID becomes a member of BuildingSmart Spain

6 July 2022

INGECID has become a member of BuildingSmart Spain, a non-profit association that forms part of BuildingSmart International. Its goal is to promote the use of open standards and interoperability standards for BIM in the construction sector, given its efficacy in reducing both time and cost when carrying out projects.

In this sense, INGECID has become part of the association in the “developers” section, since it has a lot to offer following its creation of VIRCORE®, an integral management platform for collaborative projects under the BIM methodology.

VIRCORE®, a development made in INGECID.

The VIRCORE® software is a collaborative platform that allows for better cooperation among everyone who participates in a project, all in one place. Thanks to its common data environment (CDE) and how interconnected and centralised all the information is, it can respond to all the challenged that the BIM methodology poses.

Beyond being just a document manager, VIRCORE® allows users to manage 3D models, temporarily plan projects, control budgets, make calculations for waste management, and connect with other information systems. Its architectural design allows for users to extract the most value from their data by applying the most appropriate analysis tools, making it a platform that supports all the requirements demanded of a digital twin. All this makes it possible to optimise the processes and costs of any construction or engineering project, all while facilitating efficiency and shortening deadlines.

VIRCORE® can be accessed from any place or device and employs layered security for administering roles and permissions according to the needs of the project and the organisations in charge of it. This tool is certainly a great way to fully take advantage of all the BIM methodology’s possibilities, considering how completely interconnected all the data and information are for any project taken on.

INGECID’s participation in BuildingSmart Spain

All of INGECID’s work involving the creation, programming, and maintenance of VIRCORE® will be highly valuable at BuildingSmart Spain.

The association promotes documents and information for advancing the BIM methodology, from preparing reports to new specification, guides, recommendations, etc. It is currently working on projects like:

  • BIM Roles, which aim to come to a consensus on the functions, skills, and responsibilities of the different roles within BIM methodology.
  • Guía de Sistemas de Clasificación (System Classification Guide), which is a guide that compiles these systems and then establishes a line of best practices regarding how to incorporate these systems into IFC models.
  • COBie en España (COBie in Spain), which seeks to create an informative guide about COBie.
  • IFC en español (Spanish-language IFC), since it has only been published in the UNE-EN standard so far. There is no translation into Spanish, and it is working on doing just that in order to incorporate it into Spanish standards.

In doing this, INGECID begins a collaboration that will allow it to provide its own knowledge, as well as keeping it up-to-date about everything having to do with the BIM methodology.