EUBIM 2018, INGECID at the international BIM congress

22 May 2018

On 17, 18 and 19 May 2018 INGECID attended the International BIM Congress, EUBIM 2018 at the ETS de Ingeniería de Edificación of the Universitat Politècnica de Valencia.

In this 7th meeting, real experiences of those professionals and companies that have already started the implementation of BIM as a working methodology in the management of construction projects were disseminated. The aim was to connect the demands and training requirements necessary to get started in BIM, to learn about the latest trends and innovations from software developers and manufacturers and, of course, to create connections and contacts that allow the creation of working models based on collaboration.

The EUBIM 2018 congress was divided into three topics:

  • BIM at the University, where both university faculty and trainers outside academia presented papers on their experiences in the training and learning process of BIM tools.
  • Design and construction with BIM: industry professionals discussed the evolution of building and construction, costing and budgeting with BIM design.
  • Real experiences with BIM related to the SCARF model, surface management for real estate development, geolocation and digital cities.

Our professionals, who have attended this congress since its inception, participated in the thematic line of Design and Construction with BIM with a presentation on the Use of BIM methodology in nuclear power plant decommissioning processes, showing the improved efficiency of its use throughout the process, as it allows virtual simulations, identification of objects, consultation of radiological information, streamlining of inventory processes, among other activities that optimise planning.

The presentation was structured in 3 blocks:

  1. The introduction, which covered current issues in the nuclear sector and the BIM methodology applied to it..
  2. The development of the NPIM (Nuclear Power Plant Information Modelling) model, focusing on the description of modelling processes for facilities, structures and single components.
  3. Exploitation or use of the model during decommissioning activities.

The presentation concluded with a video summarising the process described during the presentation.

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