Enresa trusts INGECID to carry out the study on the international experience of decommissioning Nuclear Power Plants

21 March 2023

Within the framework of the contract for “Services for the performance of reports and studies on standards and operating experience outside Enresa in the field of Nuclear Power Plant decommissioning“, INGECID is carrying out work on the analysis of international experience in the decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plants, which will allow for the improvement of national decommissioning, incorporating this knowledge.

Legislative and regulatory requirements will be identified, as well as guides, recommendations and other technical publications on aspects related to nuclear safety, radiation protection and radioactive waste management, both at national and international level. In addition, their applicability to the Spanish cases of nuclear power plant decommissioning and restoration projects will be analysed.

This contract, with which INGECID enriches its experience in the nuclear field, will help to ensure that the development and progress of the different power plant decommissioning projects is carried out safely and efficiently.