ENRESA awards the engineering contract for the licensing of the spent fuel storage facility at the Santa María de Garoña Nuclear Power Plant to the joint venture INGECID-WESTINGHOUSE

26 March 2020

The “National Radioactive Waste Company” (ENRESA) has awarded the contract “Engineering service for the design modification of the Individualised Temporary Storage Facility (ISFSI) at the Sta. María de Garoña NPP” to the joint venture formed by the companies INGECID and WESTINGHOUSE, as announced on 14 February 2020.

The contract, formalised on 16 March 2020, is worth more than half a million euros. The design modification of the ISFSI to be carried out will consist of increasing the capacity of the facility to allow the temporary storage of all the fuel currently stored in its pool, with the aim of carrying out the decommissioning of the NPP. Likewise, the ISFSI should have sufficient capacity to house the special operational wastes currently existing in the pool and the special decommissioning wastes.

For this purpose, the official licensing documentation will be drawn up for the ATI design modification that will accompany the Plant Decommissioning Authorisation Request and subsequent support for licensing before the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN). This work will require support studies in different disciplines (structural, thermal, radiological, etc.), which will be the basis for the justification of the design modification to be undertaken in the ISFSI.