Concrete for the nuclear world

INGECID has been working for years on the design of different special concretes.

Significant improvements in shielding properties are the result of extensive R&D work.

IINGECID has developed and continues to develop different concretes that improve radiological properties, mainly for use in the nuclear world.

INGECID’s capabilities in this area include the following:

  • Concrete design, including with special aggregates and additions
  • Evaluation and improvement of the effect of temperature and different environmental conditions
  • Evaluation and improvement of the physical, mechanical and chemical properties
  • Laboratory attenuation tests
  • Radiological calculations for shielding effect evaluation
  • Assessment and evaluation of concrete developed for various purposes

Among the success cases in different projects, the following stand out:

  • Mortars with enhanced shielding properties to optimize the storage capacity of drums
  • Concrete with high hydrogen and boron content for improved neutron shielding
  • Ionizing radiation shielding concrete
  • Attenuation concretes with optimized mechanical and physical properties
  • High-density, lower-cost concretes
  • Development of control and maintenance plans for special concretes
  • Evaluation and improvement of concretes used for radiological protection

You can find more information about the projects developed by the INGECID team by clicking here.

Project images