Our aim is efficiency,
our method,

One of the bases upon which our company was constituted, civil engineering is one of INGECID’S fundamental areas of activity.

Sustained by our streamlined methodology, and our capacity for managing projects while optimising costs, and reducing deadlines and risks, we have participated in high-profile domestic and international projects.


We address the entire process, starting with the design and taking it through to the end product.

Our combined skills enable us to tackle highly complex projects involving concrete, metal or mixed structures and components.

“Our priority is adapting what we do to our clients’ needs when it comes to developing the documentation and plans while always contributing our technical capacity combined with our flair for innovation”

To do so, as well as making detailed calculations using the very latest software (finite elements, linear and non-linear calculations, both implicit and explicit), we can carry out additional checks via the development of our own tools.


Special mention must be made of our ability to design and calculate one-off structures thanks to our wide experience in R&D+i, great technical capacity and constant search for innovative solutions. In this respect, we work together with other companies on optimising existing solutions, as well as on the development of new concepts.


We are experts in the resolution of advanced geotechnical problems, both on land and at sea.

This experience has been gained from studying the geotechnical parameters of many different sites and types of terrain with the aim being to represent how the ground conditions behave beneath different structures, but with special emphasis on wind turbine foundations, both shallow and deep.


One of the greatest challenges we face when developing a civil engineering project is working in a coordinated and efficient manner with the different teams taking part.

Our team, with its strong technological leanings and convinced, as we are, of the potential of BIM, has developed highly efficient working methods that contribute dynamism and save resources in large-scale projects.


We design equipment, systems and components.

From the initial idea to the full development of the production engineering.

Furthermore, we have the experience and tools for simulating both of finite elements (FEA) and of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) of any operational or mechanical component accident situation from the structural and thermal point of view via the use of last generation software.


Our team, which is in constant contact with the university environment, not only has experience in teaching vocational subjects, but it also actively participates in seminars and training events related with every area of civil engineering.


These are just some of the civil and industrial engineering projects that we’ve participated in:

Nabralift 2.0 HH144 tower foundation in Morocco

A wind turbine with a hub height of 144 metres has been installed at the Oualidia wind farm in Morocco,...
Nabralift 2.0 HH144 tower foundation in Morocco

Design of Individualized Temporary Storage slabs of Cofrentes NPP

INGECID has carried out the design of the slabs of the ATI of the Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant. These are...
Design of Individualized Temporary Storage slabs of Cofrentes NPP

Alisos Foundations

The Alisios wind farm has five 90-meter high wind turbines in Morro del Cuchillo Negro, Fuerteventura. INGECID has designed and...
Alisos Foundations

In-situ concrete tower Policono

The POLICONO in-situ concrete tower has been developed to offer a competitive solution for high-rise wind turbines. Its geometry is...
In-situ concrete tower Policono