BIM implementation and management of the Bilbao South Metropolitan Bypass

Three-dimensional BIM modeling and 4D time planning for alternatives analysis.

BIM management of the infrastructure of Sections 9A and 9B of Phase I of the Southern Metropolitan Bypass of Bilbao.

INGECID has extensive experience in civil works projects developed under the umbrella of the BIM methodology.

Specifically, one of the projects in which it has implemented the BIM methodology throughout all the construction phases has been the construction project of Infrastructure of Sections 9A and 9B of Phase I of the Bilbao Metropolitan Southern Bypass, which has been key in the coordination between disciplines and sections, communication between agents and the development of three-dimensional BIM modeling tasks and 4D time planning for analysis of alternatives; All this thanks to the use of a collaborative environment (CDE) supported by the integrated project management platform called VIRCORE, which has allowed the development of an integrated model with all the construction documentation.

The application of the BIM methodology in the project has allowed the team to identify and solve the current difficulties in the management of large BIM projects in an optimal and practical way.

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