4D Nuclear power plant maintenance

4D simulation of valve maintenance processes at the Vandellós II Nuclear Power Plant

Virtualisation of maintenance processes

The project focuses on the virtualisation of maintenance processes. Specifically, the aim is to train workers in the maintenance tasks of the Main Steam Isolate Valves at the Vandellós II Nuclear Power Plant, which, due to their complexity, size and radioactivity, mean that maintenance operations inside the plant are highly risky for workers.

This risk can be mitigated and the work can be carried out more efficiently through appropriate training. To achieve this, the scope of the project covers the following phases:

  • 3D modelling of steam containment valves with all their elements (bolts, gaskets, studs, springs, graphite seals, etc.) and their respective coding.
  • Updating of valve maintenance documentation including manuals and checklists of the steps to be followed during maintenance work.
  • Development of virtualisation and process simulation tools for training workers in virtual reality environments.
  • Development of an online course to train workers and assess their learning.

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